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Mark Clausing, Owner/Producer
Cindy Whitaker, Owner/ Web Designer/Editor


Welcome to PMDO Music, one of the top sellers of American square and round dance music.  We are a well established recording company, having been in the business over 50 years. 

Mark Clausing, owner/producer/sound engineer/ recording artist of PMDO and Mar-Let Recordings, works in arranging and editing music of literally all genres. 

PMDO Music currently produces and releases music on Prairie, Mountain, Desert, Ocean Wave and Mar-Let recording labels and have over 700 releases between them.  For a complete listing, go to Hanhurst Record Service -  Record Producer section.   

PMDO Music strives to provide the best in a variety of square and round dance music that all generations can enjoy.  We also have easy listening and extended play hoedown CDs and MP3s available for purchase.

Music can be purchased through our distributor, Palomino Records at   or call 502-543-1521.